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About Us

How KAFTA was born:

The Kennett Alliance for the Arts evolved from a casual remark made by one of Kennett's art supporters to Inga Eubanks which made it clear to her that having several art organizations may be a wonderful situation, but that it might be better to form an inclusive organization. 


Just as the "United Way" organization would represent a wider audience and could therefore obtain more support than several small groups could on their own, a larger arts organization could represent the many facets of art. Representatives of the Friends of Music Society and the SEMO Little Theater Group embraced this idea enthusiastically. 


Everyone agreed that pooling resources and presenting an event to which all art organizations would contribute their own speciality could result in a festival which would appeal to a large variety of people. 


We agreed that such an event may introduce people only interested in the visual arts to the many forms of the performing arts, performers to a variety of visual arts, music lovers to either or all, and the general public to the fact that art is a part of everyone's life.

Fall Into Arts Festival

Fall Into Arts is the festival that was organized by KAFTA.  This annual festival brings local

artists, live music, theatrical performances, and great food to Downtown Kennett.  All events take

place around the Kennett square.  The event is designed for all ages to enjoy with a variety of

activities and scheduled entertainment.  Fall Into Arts is an exciting, cultural event which

highlights the local talent in the Missouri Bootheel. 

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