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Friends of Music 

"Seeking to offer music and perspectives that otherwise would not be heard or available in Kennett and its immediate environs."

The Friends of Music Society of Kennett was organized in 1980, created to fill a void left by the dissolution of the Kennett Arts Council.  Music remains the principal element of Friends of Music activities.  The primary activity has been an annual series of free public concerts and recitals, but activities have included ticketed events, dinner theater, school performances, and cooperation with others across disciplines.

Funding has come from individual and corporate "membership" donations and ticket sales, with additional support from organizations and agencies like the Missouri Association of Community Arts Agencies, the Missouri Arts Council, and other arts-supporting entities.

There has been an intentional emphasis on bringing outstanding professional musicians to Kennett.  Nonetheless, the Society has also intentionally sought to include local and area individuals and ensembles of varying professional status and emphases in its offerings.

The 2021-2022 season represents the Society's 42nd season.

For more information on Friends of Music Society, email

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